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Terms of Business

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Thank you for choosing Dorset Equine Veterinary Services Ltd.  We promise to take all reasonable care in using our professional skills to treat your horse or pony and to keep our skills up to date.

Office Hours.  We are open from 8.30am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.  Non emergency work is carried our during normal office hours.  Please help us to provide you with the veterinary surgeon and appointment you would prefer by giving us plenty of notice for non urgent work.

Emergency Service. We offer an emergency service, which is available outside normal working hours 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Services provided outside of office hours incur an additional charge.

Confidentiality.  The veterinary surgeon and client relationship is founded on trust and we will not disclose to any third party information about a client or animal without either expressed or implied permission.

Payment.  We accept payment by credit card, cheque, bank transfer and cash

Invoices for visits on existing accounts are payable in full within 14 days of the invoice date.  New clients are required to pay for their first visit at the time of the visit and an account will then be opened.  Invoices for surgery, investigations and treatment carried out at Dorset Equine should be paid for at the time of consultation or on collection of the patient.  Drugs and dressings collected from Dorset Equine should also be paid for on collection.

Late Payment.  Our terms relating to payment of amounts invoiced are strictly 14 days.  We reserve the right to charge a late payment administration fee of £25.00 per month.  This applies where any debt is outstanding beyond the credit terms for any part of a month.  We also reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 12% per annum or 1% monthly on any overdue amounts.

Non-Payment.  We reserve the right to pursue unpaid fees.  Civil proceedings may be issued or the matter handed over to a debt collection agency.  Any costs incurred will be added to the debt and interest added under The County Courts Act 1984 or subsequent legislation.  We reserve the right to ask for cash payments or to refuse to carry out any further work if payment is not made in accordance with these terms of business.

Returned Cheques.  For every returned cheque we will pass on our bank charges for represent the cheque (currently £7.50).

Insurance.  Insurance to cover veterinary fees in the event of illness or accident enables many clients to provide the very best treatment when the need arises.  At Dorset Equine we support the concept of veterinary fees insurance and undertake to complete claim forms free of charge.  However, the contract of insurance is between the client and the insurance company and payment of veterinary fees is not dependant on acceptance or payment of a claim by the insurance company but subject to our normal payment terms as outlined above.  Arrangements for direct payment by the insurance company must be agreed in writing and in advance of any treatment after the policy, schedule to the policy and any operative exclusion have been provided along with payment of the excess.  Direct claims remaining outstanding after 6 weeks must be settled by the client.

Prescriptions and Repeat Prescriptions.   We are happy to provide you with a prescription for your horse and the charge for the service is £12.00.  The general policy of this practice is to re-assess animal requiring repeat prescriptions every 6 months, but this may vary with individual circumstances.  The standard charge for a re-examination is £20.00 including VAT but the examination can be carried out free with annual vaccinations or annual dentistry.

Reminders.  As an additional service to our clients we endeavour to send reminders for vaccinations and dental checks when they fall due.  However, the postal service is not 100% reliable and we cannot take responsibility for errors or omissions.  It is the owner’s duty to ensure that their horse’s vaccinations are up to date.

Horse Passports. Section 9 – you MUST sign the declaration to state if / if not the horse is intended for human consumption.

Application.  These terms of business apply to all Dorset Equine clients unless varied in writing.

Complaints.  We hope that you are satisfied with the quality of our service.  However, should we fall short of your expectations on any occasion please put the complaint in writing to us as soon as possible.  Account queries should be notified to our accounts staff as soon as possible.

Customer Comments:

My poor horse got beaten up by our other horse last night who drove him into a corrugated iron roof, leaving him with horrid bone deep wide facial lacerations. Graham from Dorset Equine dropped everything to get someone out to him immediately (after ringing around our usual two vets, neither of whom could come until later that day, if at all!) They have done a magnificent job and were fantastically sympathetic and kind. I can thoroughly recommend them as an establishment to have the number of in your mobile phone.

Sarah-Jane Morris, Sydling St Nicholas

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